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I have lived a life in which I have documented people’s conditions and struggles. Several years ago I showed one of my exhibitions about the demise of the English industrial working class in the 1970s. It was seen in 4 venues across the southwest of England. In every venue people came to me, often in tears, and asked why is this all happening again?

Austerity had created homelessness, unemployment, the closing down of schools, libraries, cultural centres, youth clubs as the state’s wealth was sold off to private corporations.

I had been being faithful as a documentarist for years, trying to show things as they were, but seeing how confused and distraught people were, and how hidden were the answers as to why all of this was happening, I decided it was time to do more that show the ‘what’, by researching and analysing and then trying to clearly communicate the ‘why’. I had hoped that the goodness that had shown itself during Covid would translate into louder demands for change. Also, it has become all the more apparent how necessary and powerful the arts are in encouraging change. That is why I am publishing these things now.

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Robert Golden, an independent photographer/filmmaker has produced many photo-stories; written/directed over 40 documentaries, etc